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Gay Oklahoma City

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Welcome to Gay Oklahoma City, the one stop spot for all of Oklahoma City's Gay resources.  Here you will find links to everything Oklahoma City has to offer, from nightlife, to dining, to various buisiness and personal web sites.  The one thing all of these have in common is the fact that they are all in Oklahoma City, and If you're coming here or already live here, you'll be able to find out more about them.

As suprising as it may be, Oklahoma City has quite a large gay community, with everything from gay newspapers such as "The Gayly Oklahoman, and "The Triangle", gay hotels/resorts like "The Habana Inn, many clubs such as "Levi's", "The Copa", "Saddle Tramps", and many more.  Oklahoma City also hosts a few gay owned/staffed restaraunts such as "Gushers", "Hunkies", and "The Patio Cafe".  There is an annual Gay Pride Parade filled with a diverse group of people including the leather community, motorcycle lesbians, and the always popular drag queen floats. 

Other things that happen here yearly are, "The annual AIDS walk, to raise money for AIDS research, "The Prime Timers annual get together", "MCA, or "Mid Content Alliance" which is a Girth and Mirth function, "Bearadise" an annual bear event, and many "Miss Gay" pagaents.


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