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Oklahoma City has quite the scene for nightlife.  There are a lot of clubs just waiting for you to drop in.   If you like more mainstream entertainment, you can check out "Angles", "The Park", or "The Copa".  Angles and The Copa both host mainstream music and crowds, with drag shows held weekly, while The Park, and The Copa host mainstream music and dancers as well.  If your more into the country music scene, check out "The Finish Line", or for those who like to cruise, slip on into "Levi's" or "Sadle Tramps".  For the Ladies, we have "The Coyote", "Partners", and "K A's".  If your under 21, or like to hang out with them, or just like loud industrial/house music, why not run on into "The Wreck Room".  For those looking to just relax, there is a piano bar called "The Ledo" inside of The Habana Inn complex which also features karaoke.  Most of the clubs are all located centrally along "the 39th street strip" which runs west on Nw 39th st. starting at Nw Penn. ave.  Levi's and Partners are a few minutes away on Nw 36th street/May ave.  For the neighborhood style bar, make yourself at home at "The Hi-Lo Club".  Friendly little club, drag shows are held sometimes. 

Here is a list to Websites of some of the clubs, if I don't list one, please email it to me to be included.


Hi-Lo Club

The Copa

The Finish Line

The Ledo




Levi/Leather, cruisy, Patio, friendly crowd mostly men

Little neighborhood bar, real friendly

Part of the Habana complex.  Pop music and dancers.

The country and western bar in the Habanna complex.

Yet another club within the Habana complex. Karaoke on weekends

  People have danced through here.